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Hindu Voices Podcast

Welcome to Hindu Voices Podcast!  We can be reached at podcast @  Please keep this page positive and proactive!  Have a show idea or speaker?  Email us!  Namaskar!

Oct 1, 2019

What is the purpose and mission of Hindu Voices Podcast? This podcast’s mission is to give a platform for Hindus; both Indians, Westerners and others to share with the world who they are, what they are doing and the impact it’s creating both locally and globally.   We’ll be hearing from Hindus in all walks of life: professionals, business owners, scientists, politicians, writers, engineers, swamis, monks, temple managers, big thinkers, and other Hindus doing extraordinary things, or ordinary things but in extraordinary ways. This is a place where we’ll discuss Hindu values, both ancient and in the 21st century. This is a place to share with other like-minded people about what you are doing, and how they can learn more about it, start supporting your efforts, and become involved. This is a place to network, discover connections, communicate, become inspired and learn new things. This is a place to bring awareness to Hindu causes, struggles and current happenings so that support and assistance can manifest from listeners like you.   This is a place of action and seva that will challenge you to listen, to care, and to act. This is a non-violent and Dharmic place enunciating the spiritual values, traditions, and motivations of the most ancient, most advanced, most spiritual, and longest-lasting culture on Earth, the Vedic culture of Bharata Varsa. Welcome to Hindu Voices. Namaskar.